Welcome to the greatest season of your life yet! ULA is a unique opportunity to focus in and foster not only your growing relationship with the Lord but with a community surrounding your intent on the same thing. There is a freedom to this season that few take full advantage of. At ULA you will be able to filter out the distractions of what many accept as ‘the real world’ and learn to start living from a place of peace, of kingdom rest. We’ll help you tackle the challenges and obligations you have in your life, such as responsibly managing your finances and finding freedom from debt. With the space you’ll uncover in the process, we’ll dig deep into who you are called to be and discover together what God has gifted you with and how best to apply those gifts to God’s work in your community. With such a solid foundation, you’ll be confident in God’s ability to provide and your ability to steward His blessings whether no matter where you end up in the world, with the relationships and backing of your new family here at ULA.

Tuition & Economics

The cost of tuition is $12,000 for a singles’ 12 month experience.Broken down, this is an even $1,000 per month which includes room, on-campus meals, curriculum and group activities, personalized life and wellness coaching, and more. We encourage our single students to raise the funds for at least the first phase of the school (first six months) as full immersion is critical for optimum growth in this initial window of time. Employment opportunities will be allowed on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed in an economic review during the application process.


Of course, there will be weeks that look different, but here is a typical week’s layout at a glance. The Singles Track is highlighted in the light grey, which includes the dark blue, as those are all family events! The white space gives you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs, and most likely you will have no shortage of filling it with personal time, working out, having intentional conversations with piers or mentors, and everything in-between!

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