While ULA might sound great for a young single who has few obligations and is excited to step into whatever God has next for them in life, we know that young families can derive the same benefits from this experience as well! While the logistics of your experience will differ slightly from those not in a covenant relationship, the core of our ambition is the same: guide you in growing your relationship with the Lord and His call on your life. When it comes to marriage, we truly can be stronger together than we are apart, and we are serious about making the most of your unique relationship and calling in this world.


We are committed to developing strong marriages that honor the Lord. We know that marriage can be one of the greatest reflections of Christ and the church/the Father in this world. With the state of the world we’re in, marriage has been given a back seat to personal ambition and unhealthy parenting. We are ready to change that dynamic. We are committed to helping couples walk out their inheritance not only in ministry, but in their family as well. This starts with their own personal relationship with the Lord, but is enhanced and amplified by their relationship with one another. Whether learning from a personalized marriage mentor or modeling a healthy relationship for other students, we believe growing together is more than just reading a book, but walking out daily life one step at a time. We want to put a focus back on having fun as a family and know that some of the most important conversations happen at the dinner table. We are zealous about helping couples not only demolish their debt, but grow their margin. We know that good stewardship of creation includes honoring the Lord in our finances. We are committed to setting people free from their debts so they can pursue their passions and finance the kingdom. Our focus is helping people discover the freedom to pursue the call of the Lord on their life!

Tuition & Economics

The cost of tuition is $18,000 for a couples’ 12 month experience. Broken down, this is an even $1,500 per month which includes housing, on-campus meals, curriculum and group activities, personalized life and wellness coaching, and more.  Although we encourage fundraising, we understand that at this stage of life it sometimes isn’t feasible for both spouses to pause incomes. We do, however, have people skilled in faithfully managing household finances and in finding a way for couples to discover breathing room and space to participate in a program like this. In many instances, both individuals can carry part time employment while participating fully in the married track at ULA.


Of course, there will be weeks that look different, but here is a typical week’s layout at a glance. The Married Track is highlighted in the dark grey, which includes the dark blue, as those are all family events! The white and light grey space gives you the freedom to choose what best suits your needs, and most likely you will have no shortage of filling it with personal time, working out, having intentional conversations with piers or mentors, working a job, and everything in-between! Also, if there is space in your schedule, marrieds can always jump into the singles’ day sessions and table times!

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