Here you can view some questions that others have had about ULA. If your questions aren’t answered, feel free to ask your own! We want to provide every opportunity for you to feel comfortable and informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit?

18 and up.

What if I'm married?

We have a track for that. We at ULA are committed to investing in couples and helping create a generation built on strong family values. For this reason, we encourage couples to apply but only if both can participate.

When should I apply?

Spaces are limited. Applicants should apply as soon as possible to ensure they have a chance to get their application in before we are full and so that they have plenty of time to prepare.

Am I guaranteed a place in the school when I apply?

No. The application process is followed by an interview. Upon finishing the interview each application is collectively reviewed and a decision is made. We respect your time and aim to respond with an answer as soon as possible!

Is ULA only for young people or only focused on young people?

NO WAY! We believe the Kingdom is for all generations and aim to bridge the gap by bringing people of all ages together to learn to live and love in unity.

Can I leave on a trip during the school?

You are free to leave if/when needed. Also, upon acceptance, you will be given a year calendar which will show allotted vacation times. These times usually coincide with major holidays.

Can I leave for birthdays/weddings/anniversaries/holidays?

You are free to do so if/when needed. Our goal is for you to get the most out of ULA, so we encourage students to be as involved and engaged as possible because we believe that’s where you will grow the most. With that said, we understand there may be other obligations and situations come up from time to time. Overall, the student’s best interest is our desire.

Does ULA provide credit for other universities?

Not at this time. 

Does ULA offer scholarships?

This is one of our top priorities. However, at this time, we currently do not have a scholarship system in place. We are, however, committed to offer you assistance in raising funds!

If I’m not working, how do I pay?

Our staff at ULA is well versed in fundraising and are available for giving tips and training on how to get fully funded for your time here. Fundraising can be scary, but it is so rewarding to see not only how many people care about and are honored to support you, but also how much the Lord can provide. Fundraising Page

Can I have a job during the school?

There are scenarios where a job is acceptable and sometimes encouraged. This is based on the track you’re invested in and your personal financial situation. When you apply for ULA we’ll take an in depth look at your unique situation and determine an economic scenario. We do encourage students to be as involved and engaged as possible and offer help with fundraising so they can make the most of their time!

How can I donate to a staff/student?

The best way to donate to student/staff is through our website found here

What is covered in the cost?

Cost of tuition covers room, board, food, and curriculum. Any group activities hosted by ULA will also be included in the overall cost. Extra’s would include personal needs and activities that the individual chooses.

Can a non-US citizen apply?

We openly welcome interns from all nations and are thrilled to host international students. At this time, international students are responsible for their own Visa approval process.

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