Discipleship isn’t a task or program to us, it’s a way of life!

United Life Academy exists to lead a generation into intimacy with the Father. We yearn to see the sons of God awaken to who they are in Christ and fully grasp the reality that we have access to the authority of heaven, as Jesus did. We strive to identify and empower the gifts and call on every individual’s life; to help cultivate a healthy, sustainable, and thriving lifestyle.

Discipleship isn’t a task or a program to us, but a way of life. We are about a people rising up that knows how to sustain a supernatural environment. A people thriving in a dead world, bringing life wherever they set foot. A family who takes authority over their inheritance as sons and daughters – heirs to the throne. A body that tangibly brings heaven to earth.

The Why

Our heart at ULA is to disciple people into the reality that “as He is, so are we in this life.” We yearn for a people to understand who they truly are in Christ and what they possess because of Christ.

We are committed to see you joyfully function at your fullest capacity. No matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are dealing with. We believe the greatest transformation comes not only from the classroom, but from our daily walk. When it comes to kingdom living, at some point we have to stop just talking about it and start living it.

Our desire is to provide space for you to get out in the world and interact in it, with a supportive environment to come back to where we can talk about real life situations, ask for help, and encourage one another. Our goal is that even when a student’s season has ended here they have developed life-long relationships and connections that will help them succeed in thriving in life, in sustaining kingdom culture. After all, covenant community is what the kingdom is all about.

We believe that kingdom living is not just ‘doing’ church. We are the church. This is reflected in how we walk out real life together. While there is value in curriculum, learning, and digging deep into what the Lord has said and is saying, we believe discipleship is so much more than just learning about the kingdom, but actively pursuing it through our daily lives.  We believe in the church that Jesus preaches, where we honor and celebrate each individual and empower them in their freedom.

We know that some of the greatest conversations happen around the table, where we can talk about the real stuff and sharpen one another. We know that heart to hearts can’t always be scheduled into a convenient morning meeting, so we’re there for those late night chats when the Lord is moving and mending hearts. We are convinced that we cannot walk this road alone, so our desire is that we adopt each individual and intimately connect them with the local church to create a family of support and relationship.

The Who

Who can apply?

Are you hungry for more of a full life? Are you looking to grow in your relationship with the Father and revelation of the kingdom? Do you have a willingness to lay down old mentalities and mindsets, serve in the family, be discipled and disciple? Are you 18 or older? If your answers are yes to all, then ULA is for you. Hunger and willingness is our filter.

The team at ULA

Here’s our extremely qualified, ever-growing list of teachers and leaders from all over the world. These men and women of God have a passion for discipleship, seeing people come alive, and helping others discover what this life is all about.

Nick & Emily Dimitris

Founders, Co-directors, Ministry Leaders

Nick and Emily are the founders of United Life Academy. They live for the becoming of people and are committed to making disciples and building healthy marriages and families. They believe, we the church are built upon the revelation of Jesus and we are transformed through encountering Him. Their desire is to continually create opportunities for people to connect with Christ and His Body. This is the passion that drives every ministry of United Church. They are living the dream in Black Mountain with their two energetic boys, David and Andrew.

David Fredriksz

Co-director, Ministry Leader

David Fredriksz was born and raised in The Netherlands. At the age of 19 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that completely changed and transformed his life. He has served as a pastor, church planter, and has been the co-founder and director of the G42 Leadership Academy in Mijas, Spain. He has also been one of the leaders at a discipleship ministry in the Netherlands for many years. David and Bernadette have a calling to release young people into their destiny, and a passion and wisdom to serve and help many ministries in both leadership activation and facilitation. David serves in the body of Christ as a spiritual father and mentor for the young generation. David currently resides in the Netherlands and visits frequently.

Steve & Melinda Scroggs

Ministry Leaders

Steve Scroggs is a man who believes that the greatest achievement is to be a friend of God. He first entered the ministry in 1979 at twenty, and has ministered in many different states and 15 different countries. He has spoken in churches, crusades, conferences, seminars, and leadership training modules with his prophetic gift. His passion is to reveal the love of the Father, the compassion of the Son, and the creative power of the Holy Spirit. Signs and wonders with healing miracles usually accompany his preaching. Melinda is a children’s care specialist, and speaker who focuses on helping people find hope in the love of Christ. Both Steve and Melinda love family, enjoy people, and encourage the Body of Christ all over the world to walk in their eternal destiny. Steve and Melinda are part of the United family right here in Western North Carolina.

Austin Smith

Ministry Leader

Austin Smith has been serving in ministry ever since he was a young boy. He has been writing music for 14 years and leading worship with United church since 2012. He studied vocal music and audio engineering in school, and loves recording and making music. Visual arts, writing, revelating, being outside, and having fun with people are some of the other things he likes best. With quality time being his primary expression of love, Austin has a heart for the Father and loves spending time with Him and leading others into His presence. He enjoys spending time  with people, investing in them, helping them discover their passions, identifying strengths, and calling out the creative in individuals. He believes that whatever a person’s passions are, they should find a way to do that and be Christ in it. His desire is to see every heart awaken to their true identity in Christ and live it out on a day to day reality.

Dr. Will Booker

Health and Wellness Coach

Dr. Will’s passion is empowering families to live an abundantly healthy life. As a child, his life was forever changed thanks to chiropractic and today his life’s work is bringing that same healing potential to his community. By reconnecting families to their God given healing potential, Dr. Will has seen first-hand how good health is possible for all people, no matter their condition. By uncovering the truth about how God designed us for perfect health, he equips the next generation to make better choices, while providing a simple and effective way to take those first steps to total healing! Dr. Will has been apart of the United family for many years.

Herman Haan

Ministry Team

Herman was raised in a dutch family living in the northern parts of the Netherlands. During his teenage years he got involved in drugs but was miraculously delivered from his addictions the moment he met Jesus Christ. Herman has been very active in church life as a pastor, bible teacher, director of a discipleship ministry, and continues to serve the body of Christ. His gift is to activate and release the creativity within individuals, and does it in a non-complicated way. Herman will challenge you do search deep within you and find the creative person that you are.

Selena Day

Ministry Team

Wife, Mother, Queen. She is a World traveler, living life to the fullest and enjoying the fullness of a life lived by Col. 1:27 (Christ in me the hope of glory.) She loves to laugh and having fun is very important to her. Selena is a purveyor of positive power and loves engaging and empowering those around her. She is an artist in training, a part-time fashionista, and an ordained minister. Yes, they CAN all go together. Selena has been in the full-time ministry for over 27 years traveling across the USA and the world speaking at women’s conferences. She is an international known author and writes for several magazines. She is the CFO of the ministry she and her husband began in 1997. She is also road manager for her husband who is a full-time recording artist. She believes that in Christ the world can be healed and that each and every one of us has been called to play our part to bring that healing in the arena God has placed us. The only way we can fully bring healing is that we must find our true self in who God has created us to be. Not everyone is called to work in the church, but we are all called to be Christ wherever we are.

Evelyn Weber

Ministry Team

Evelyn Weber was born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Long Island. She has served the Lord since the age of nine, and loves him more every day. He has completely transformed her life. She has served as Pastor to Higher Ground Ministries for 13 years now in Danbury, CT. She has a deep compassion for the lost and a heart for the youth of this country. Evelyn was a Nurse for 25 years when the Lord called her into full time ministry. She, along with all her studies, has studied Biblical Hebrew for 4 years now which has enriched her understanding of the Word Of God. Evelyn, along with her husband Bill, have been apart of the United family since the beginning.

Bob Nichols

Ministry Team

With nearly thirty-five years of ministry experience, Dr. Bob’s style is distinctively humorous and straight forward, communicating in a “real life” manner. Dealing with all forms of Behavioral Issues, Dr. Bob challenges people to “deal with their issues” and see their behavior change. Dr. Bobs work takes him throughout all North & South America and most of Europe. Businessmen & Women, Leaders & Politicians have accepted the call to face their issues and become a new person… Changing Hearts, Changes Lives. With Doctorates in both Psychology and Theology, Dr. Bob calls on more than 35,000 hours of dealing with human behavior to bring enlightening and revolutionary teachings to addictions and dysfunctions. Bob and Laura have three adult children and their families… Rebekah Nichols (son Stone), Jeremy and Rachael James (daughters Skyleigh & Sierra, and sons Landon and Canyon) and Ben and Romay Nichols (sons Eligh & Eadon, and daughter AnnaMay).

Mike Paschall

Ministry Team

Mike is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a BSEd and received his MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. He has pastored numerous churches since 1987. He loves his Indian motorcycle, quality cigars, and a Single Malt in a proper glass. He married the love of his life in 1977. Mike and Patti have two daughters who live in Colorado Springs, CO. Faith Nicole, who is married to Steven Brewer. Steve is the Controller of the United States Olympic Committee. Nicole is a Nurse Practitioner. Nicole and Steve have two daughters: Grace Irene (age 4) and Esther Jane Brewer (age 2). Jacqueline Paige is married to Jon Egan. Jon is the leader of Desperation Band and integral part of the New Life Church Ministry Staff. Paige is self-employed. She and Jon have three children. Isabel “Izzy” Rose and Jones Michael (twins age 9), and Lewis Christian Egan (age 5). After 30+ years of full-time ministry, Mike and Patti have many spiritual sons and daughters all over the world!


And many more guests from around the world…

The When


Summer incoming:

Winter incoming:

The Way



We know that head knowledge does little good without making it the 18” to the heart. At some point we have to stop talking about living a kingdom focused life and actually start doing it. We take this seriously and have developed your time at ULA to grow and foster real life skills and your unique individual gifts. From personal wellness and fitness, nutritional planning and healthy cooking, responsible money management and kingdom focused finances, to personal relationships and healthy family dynamics, we will help guide you through each arena of life in a way that is God honoring, life giving, and freedom enhancing!


Week at a glance

There is no such thing as an average week at ULA. While your time here will often follow a familiar schedule, each day will bring with it new revelations, new challenges and new opportunities to grow in your relationship with the Lord and with your fellow Eagles. A typical week will consist of morning and afternoon sessions digging into the Word with our teachers and instructors from around the world. Interspersed within time in a classroom will be time spent in private devotion, working up a sweat in our in house gym, and sharing meals with staff and students every day of the week. Every week you can count on a couple days out on the town exploring the area, serving in the community and spending time with the local church. With daily activities like worship nights, mentoring meals and time to spend in personal study, there is never a dull moment at ULA!

The Singles Track is highlighted in the light grey and the Married Track is highlighted in the dark grey. Both tracks include the dark blue, as those are all family events! The white space gives students the freedom to choose what best suits their needs, and most likely will have no shortage of filling it with personal time, working out, having intentional conversations with peers or mentors, working a job, and everything in-between! Also, if there is space in the marrieds’ schedule, they can always jump into the singles’ day sessions and table times!


Singles Track


Married Track


Although these tracks are niched per life circumstance, the best thing about it all is that we get to share in community together! It’s a beautiful thing when young and old, married and unmarried, and people of all races can unite as one!

United Life Academy is an incredible opportunity for a full life transformation.

Will you join us in making disciples and building the kingdom?

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